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“Our goal is to
grow exciting,
beautiful, healthy plants in
harmony with nature-
plants that provide
enrichment for
body and soul”


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Welcome to The Good Earth
Organic Farm & Gardening Center

A full service Garden Center and Organic Farm where you'll find
everything from start to finish to meet your organic gardening needs.

Naturally all succesful gardens (including container gardens) start with
good healthy soil rich in organic matter and the nutrients plants need to grow.
To satisfy those needs we specialize in the best organic composts, potting soils and fertilizers. We can also help you interpret soil test results so that you get
just what your garden plants need to thrive.

Once your garden soil is properly prepared it's time to start thinking about
what plants you'll want to grow. We've got you covered with organic
non-gmo seeds, certified organic herb and vegetable seedlings,
colorful annuals and tropicals, long lived perennials, trees and shrubs
including many native varieties.

Walk through the doors of our farmstand and
you'll find our seasonal selection of certified organic produce
grown right here on the farm using the pratices we preach about.
To accompany our produce we have put together a delicious selection of
natural and organic food products.

We invite you to explore all of the pages on our site and
our Facebook page as well to keep up with
what's happening here on the farm.

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