Hello again Friends

The latest news here is that our family is growing,
we now have seven cats! That's right, seven!
Stevie is still our main man of course, around whom
The Good Earth revolves and who causes us the most
consternation as he is a very adventurous wanderer.

Before we could trap and spay Stevies' sister Suzie, she gave birth to four kittens. She and the kittens have settled into our gift shop, prompting many ooohs and aahhs from customers who've come in.
Number seven is Luca, he came from a shelter to be a companion for Stevie which has not quite worked out yet, but he seems to be enjoying life on the farm and will most likely be the one you will encounter in the greenhouse.
So there we have it, Cat heaven!

Oh yes-Plants, that's what we wanted to talk to you about!

We've actually squezed in some time to grow some things while not tending to the cat's every needs.
We have lettuce, kale, arugula, spinach and other gorgeous greens ready to go into the garden.
We have a good selection of seeds, for things you want to plant for yourselves.
It's not to late to plant peas or peace!

Many of you have been stopping by or calling to inquire about tomatoes-they are coming along well and are being potted up as we speak. We'll have a great selection this year, old favorites and several new varieties, sure to excite your taste buds.

this weekend!

Besides lots of very special veggies, we've grown some exciting annuals, perennials and flowering shrubs especially connected with Moms;
Dicentra, aka "Bleeding Heart"
Heavenly scented Lilacs
garden and tree Peonies
Weeping Japanese Maples
Lavender and lovely hanging baskets.
If your Mom has mentioned a plant she would really like to have for her garden-give us a call, we may already have it in stock.

Speaking of exciting perennials, we have some beautiful Clematis selections this year, our Montana Rubens-an early and vigorous spring bloomer, is loaded with buds and has a scent of vanilla to boot.

And for scents that are sure to delight there's Lavender, one of our most asked for plants. We have some very large,mature Lavender Grosso which atains an impressive height of three feet and blooms proflically.

To please one of our other senses, we have some wonderful sounding Wind Chimes from Woodstock Chimes.

Oh, and if Mom's complaining about grubs in the garden or the lawn this spring, we've got a very effective natural control...Grub Guard.

We hear that the rain will let up for the weekend, we hope to see you then.

As we begin our fourteenth year we again want to
thank you for your support all these years.
We couldn't do it without you!
Rhode Island's only Certified Organic Garden Center

"Our goal is to grow exciting, beautiful, healthy
plants in harmony with nature-plants that
provide enrichment for body and soul"

1800 Scituate Avenue Hope, RI 02831



we wish for peace for everyone on this good earth

Joyce and John Holscher