Hello Friends

Well after all our bellyaching about the weather...when will it ever warm up, we've made it to Memorial Day. Now we can lift our heads out of the clouds, into the sunshine and start work on all the projects
we've dreamed about this past winter.

Here's a sampling of what you'll find here this weekend

Outside we've got lots of Perennials and Flowering Shrubs for part or full sun and if it's Shade Perennials or Shrubs you're looking for,
we have them gathered under our timberframe pergola.

In the greenhouse we have all of our Tomatoes (over 30 varieties), Peppers, Eggplant, Lettuce, Swiss Chard, Squashes, Cucumbers and more veggies than you can shake a stick at. Lots of Herbs too, and they're all certified Organically grown!

For the color we've been missing all winter you'll find
Orange Osteospurnum Daisies and Diascia
Purple Petunias and Heliotrope
Need something to trail over the edge of
your planters or window boxes?
How about Beautiful Blue Lobelia,
Chartreuse Sweet Potato Vine, Yellow Bidens

Dazzling Dahlias in Yellow, Red, Pink & Purple
when you need something tall

Fabulous tropical colors of Yellow Angel's Trumpet,
Pink Mandevilla, Deep Blue Princess Flower

Cool Coleus for bright foliage color to complement your flowers.
for more Fabulous Foliage check out our Red Banana,
Elephant Ears Colocasia Illustris, Black Magic and Black Stem
Alocasia odora (Upright Elephant Ear)

You'll find all these plants and more in indivdual pots as well as
Joyce's creative combination hanging or deck planters.
If you plan to make up your own planters, we've got good quality Organic Potting Soil and Fertilizers to keeep them
looking great all season.

I almost forgot to mention some of my and the Hummingbird's favorites. Our selection of Sensational Salvias and Anise Hyssops.

These nectar rich flowers are Hummingbird magnets!
No garden should be without them!

Spring is feeding time for your lawns and gardens.
We've got a complete menu of nutrients for all of your plants.
Including compost, mineral based fertilizers and all natural Mulches.

Here's a reminder of some of the benefits of using natural fertilizers.

The philosophy of growing turf (or any thing else) ecologically is simply that a biologically healthy soil grows healthy plants, so...

“feed the soil and the soil will feed the plants”
 (The organic gardener’s mantra)

Natural fertilizers contain raw materials meant to stimulate and feed the life in the soil. The apparent low N-P-K analysis has relatively little meaning when you are feeding the soil because those numbers refer to plant nutrients, not soil nutrients.
Synthetic fertilizer ingredients contain very little that will feed the life in the soil. When you feed soil life, those growing populations of organisms begin to accomplish many tasks that now consume great amounts of time, money and energy. For example, microorganisms serve to help:

  • Fertilize-by fixing nitrogen from the air, mineralizing soil organic nutrients and dissolving mineral nutrients from rock particles
  • De-thatch-by decomposing thatch and other organic matter into valuable nutrients and humus
  • Increase the water and nutrient holding capacity of the soil
  • Aeration-by encouraging earth worms and biological soil aggregation
  • Control many insect and disease problems by competition, predation, and biological nutrient management
    If you've got problems with Grubs we have a natural grub control product known by the trade name GRUB GUARD to treat an immediate problem. These beneficial nematodes really do a number on the grubs and are safe to use...unless you happen to be a grub that is.
    For a preventative treatment we've got Milky Spore powder to keep your lawn and garden grub-free for years.

*For Fabulous flower beds, an application of Pro-Gro in early spring will get your
perennials and annuals off to a good start.

We wish you all a great weekend and look forward to seeing you soon.
Rhode Island's only Certified Organic Garden Center

"Our goal is to grow exciting, beautiful, healthy
plants in harmony with nature-plants that
provide enrichment for body and soul"

1800 Scituate Avenue Hope, RI 02831



we wish for peace for everyone on this good earth

Joyce and John Holscher