RI's only

“Our goal is to
grow exciting,
beautiful, healthy plants
in harmony with nature-
plants that provide
enrichment for
body and soul”

Certified Organic Produce
grown here at
The Good Earth

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see what we've been picking

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Our Summer CSA is about to begin

Not sure What a CSA is ?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a social and economic alternative to "conventional" industrial food production. ‘Shares’ of the harvest are purchased at the beginning of the growing season from the farm which then provides a share of produce weekly throughout the season.

Through CSAs, the community makes a bold statement in support of local, sustainable agriculture and the farmers receive a sense of security in their careers. This method spreads the economic risk of farming during the season among all invested members. The community gains a greater sense of responsibility and a closer connection to their food source, while the farmers receive up-front financial support for the growing season ahead.

Sounds good eh!?

For detailed information about our CSA, or to sign up click here.

1800 Scituate Avenue Hope, RI