RI's only
Organic Gardening Center

“Our goal is to grow
exciting, beautiful,
healthy plants in
harmony with nature-
plants that provide
enrichment for
body and soul”

THE GOOD EARTH is owned and managed by Joyce and John Holscher and was opened in 1995 on Seven Mile Rd. in Hope RI. In the spring of 2001they moved to their new location-a former dairy farm-once operated by the Knight brothers. Since then they've been tending the soil and growing their business to provide the gardening community with an oasis of peace and beauty.

Before opening THE GOOD EARTH Joyce had her own bakery-Toute de Suite-in East Greenwich for five years (her breads and pastries would curl your toes!). Now Joyce uses her talent for combining delicious food to choosing and combining plants to create gorgeous gardens and planters and selecting unique treasures for their gift shop.

John grew up in a family with a long history in horticulture and was out in the greenhouse with his father and grandfather at a very early age bundling cut flowers and gathering the knowledge that would lead to his interest in Organic Farming. 

"At THE GOOD EARTH, we like to grow relationships too, preferring to think of our customers as friends. We sprinkle information around freely. So whether you’re an experienced gardener or just getting started, come visit us at the corner of Scituate Avenue and Pippin Orchard Road in Western Cranston . You can count on us as a friendly resource for plants, gifts and common-sense advice."

Another of our goals is to work with others to help build a community that supports a thriving local economy and values sustainability, quality of life, and a healthy environment.

As many of you know we decided it was time to retire a while back and are now in the final stage of transitioning ownership of the farm to our good friends at Southside Community Land Trust. We expect that transition to be complete this spring.You can check out SCLT’s  fall fund raising campaign here.Giving Tuesday match supports major farm expansion project – Southside Community Land Trust (southsideclt.org)